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Outstanding & Thoughtful Service for your German Vehicle - right here in Toronto!


There Is No Substitute

Those 4 words really sum it up. The amazing thing about a Porsche is the harmony of the design concept, in which design follows function. A Porsche is no ordinary sports car, but a sports car for everyday driving, whatever the weather.

The Best Or Nothing

The Mercedes automobile was first marketed in 1901 by Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft (Daimler Motors Corporation). In 2018, Mercedes-Benz was the biggest selling premium vehicle brand in the world, having sold 2.31 million passenger cars.

The Ultimate Driving Machine

Throughout its 100-year history, the BMW Group has always reinvented itself. As a pioneer of new technologies, the company has shaped change, within both the industry and the world of mobility.

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Vorsprung durch Technik

The company name is based on the Latin translation of the surname of the founder, August Horch. "Horch", meaning "listen" in German, becomes "audi" in Latin. The four rings of the Audi logo each represent one of four car companies that banded together to create Audi's predecessor company, Auto Union.


Technical Expertise

Our staff love German vehicles - that's important, really important. Their passion carries through to every single car that visits G TEK Automobiles. We are proud to work on these cars and are thoughtful to every detail when it comes to your individual automobile!


Service Facilities

G TEK carries a full complement of digital diagnostic equipment, fully stocked service areas and technicians that really know their trade. Saying that we take pride in our work and work area is an understatement. This extreme attention to detail and pride in our workspace carries over to our clients and their vehicles.

Now we are expanding with a second building allowing for more service bays and service areas!


Attention to Detail

Equipped with dealer level diagnostic equipment our factory trained technicians are qualified to handle anything.


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On Hand OEM Parts

We carry a wide assortment of specialty items - this enables us to repair customer cars quickly and more efficiently.


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We are happy to book your Porsche, BMW, Audi or Mercedes for service!


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