Meet Jack Chahenian

Jack, owner of G TEK Automotive, started working on Porsches when he was eighteen years old. There was an instant love for the car, the brand, and the engineering. The passion and interest of Porsche led to his career in cars, and since 1980 Jack has been focusing on just that.

Starting off specializing in Porsche, Mercedes, Audi, and BMW, Jack has now moved from just sports car servicing, to servicing of the newest models coming on the market. Now working with larger vehicles, such as SUVs, G TEK Automotive is able to service all-season vehicles and constantly update training on the latest models to hit the road.

When asked how he has stayed successful for so long, Jack says he can't believe himself how far the shop has come; "I have no idea how 25 years has gone by...the next question is always, 'When will you retire?', I don't know what that is". When he isn't at the shop, Jack spends his summers in his Mercedes, Winters in his Audi, or can be seen zipping around in his favourite 911 Porsche

Mike Fenton

Mike Fenton

Mike Fenton is the Service Advisor here at G TEK Automotive, dealing directly with customers, parts, ordering and administration.

Before coming aboard at G TEK Automotive, Mike spent the last 10 years working for Ford and Audi in Saskatchewan. After making a big move to Ontario in 2018, he saw G TEK Automotive online and was impressed with their story. Shortly after he applied, was interviewed, and hired on the spot by owner, Jack Chahanian. "I hope this is the final stop for me. It's so honest, friendly, and just a fantastic environment. I hope to be here for a long time".

When asked what made G TEK different from other shops, Mike's response was short and simple; "The people. 100%". By having a small team of long-term staff, Jack and his mechanics are able to bring their experience and attention to detail to every job they do. They all have a close name-basis relationship with their clients, allowing for direct and open communication.