1984 Porsche Yellowbird

This is a beautiful 1984 Porsche (that we call) Yellowbird that has been heavily modified for racing and has an approximate mileage of 150-160,000 km. The 220 Horsepower engine has been altered extensively to produce double the horsepower! Most engines are able to withstand these modifications to an extent, however, we often come across “Horsepower Hungry” drivers, who over-boost their vehicles and can cause damage to the engine and internals.

G TEK Auto (37).jpg

Upon inspection we were required to do an entire engine rebuild. The most challenging aspect of repairing modified vehicles is that it no longer contains factory parts, making it difficult to source them out. There are no catalogues to browse and the right parts must be found to fit properly and match the modification requirements.

We used a high pressure clutch due to the customization of the engine, so aftermarket was the best route to go. It was reinforced to handle the additional power load. Custom engines and parts such as these require more time and expertise.

Another unfortunate result of over-boosting an engine is the risk of fire. In this case, the exhaust had no heat shield or protection, which caused the rear of the car to catch fire and burn the back and bottom of the body kit. Again, due to this being a heavily modified vehicle, the body kit was very difficult to fit.

Although adding a body kit is a personal decision, over time flaws will become visible physically and financially. Eventually, the edges and lines of the kit will begin to shift and will not match up as closely or as tightly.

Despite being a larger and more complex project, this was a very interesting and valuable car to have in our shop!