1998 Porsche 911

1998 Porsche 911; the last year Porsche made the air cooled engine, making this a very valuable car.

This vehicle was brought in due to dry and leaking seals; a problem that can only be solved by taking apart the entire engine and renewing the seals. Although a large project, it usually only comes up every 10-12 years.

All internal parts needed to be replaced including the chain, rods, bearings, cylinder, and rings; to maintain it’s full power after the rebuild. This also helped in retaining the original power of the car from the factory.

This is a standard transmission car and it needed a mechanical restoration of the clutch, as well as an oil repair. Inside engine compartment had a damaged heat shield - and with the engine removed, it’s now a quick and affordable replacement.

With this vehicle, the small details make a big difference!