Ask a Mechanic: "Shop Talk"

G - Tek Auto Shop

G - Tek Auto Shop

“Shop Talk” can sometimes be confusing to customers, and understandably so. Here we breakdown some of the terms we often use in the shop, and what they really mean.

When a mechanic tells you there is an issue with your…

Check Engine Light 

It means:

So many people ignore their “Check Engine Lights”, and this is one of the most important indications your vehichle can give you. As soon as the light illuminates, you need to bring the vehichle in for inspection. Owners should always bring their vehicles in for inspection as soon as any dash lights come on, but most importantly, the check engine light. Regular maintenance, general upkeep, and proper storage will add to your vehicles life span significantly.

Air Suspension 

It means:

Wear and tear from aggressive driving and/or rough road conditions. Warning lights will appear on dash when this needs to be serviced, and if neglected, it leads to major servicing. Our first diagnostic is to scan for issues of air bags, censors, and compressors. Our technologies prioritize issues by most important and shows the relevance of each problem and diagnostic result. our systems test everything from the airbags to compressor, and electrical sensors to shocks. 


It means:

Although this issue sounds similar to air suspension problems, it is slightly different. Suspension errors notify the driver through clunking and knocking noises from under car, as opposed to an under-the-hood sound. This happens when the bushings and suspension ball joints become worn out. This is often caused by uneven tire ware, which is usually rhe result of potholes. The only indication of this issue is the “clunking” noise from underneath the vehichle. If heard, you should bring it into the shop immediately.  

Timing Chains

It means:

The tensioners are weak and breaking causing major damages inside of the vehicle. If the vehichle is being used when the Timing Chains break, it causes major valve damage and can lead to costly repairs. In most cases, the engine will need to be removed and all the timing chain tensioners and parts will need to be replaced.  

Noisy Engine

It means:

This is often a result of the timing chain tensioners weakening. This is the first warning that the chain is getting weak and loud and about to break. If the issue is neglected, as mentioned above, the timing chains will break and cause more issues. The minute you hear noise from your engine, bring it in; the sooner the better. 

It is important to take your vehicle to a specialized dealer or shop when dealing with this issue. If you take it to a regular dealrship, you will likely be advised to do a simple oil change. However, this is simply a temporary fix. Regular oil changes prevents further damaging when done properly, as engines runs entierly on oil. At G - Tek Automotive, we perform the most thorough inspections, however, dealers are not obliged to do this, so they often don’t.

Squeaky Brakes

It means:

This is often due to a neglect of maintenance. indications of this issue are prominent, including noise from brakes, lights on dashboard, and vibrations when braking.

By ignoring these warnign signs, the internal problems will ripple effect and casue major damage to the braking system.

This can also be a sign of worn brake pads and rotors. This is often a result of aggressive driving, which can immediately indicated by a mechanic driving the vehichle. The way the vehichle drives, portrays how the owner often drives it.w

Navigation and Entertainment Parts Failure

It means: 

The media units in the vehichle are malfunctioning, usually due to programming issues. An indicator of this is when then radio cuts in and out, your phone won't sync, or there are lines across your screens. This is solved by a diagnostic test and is usually either reprogrammed, or replaced. 


It means:

In most instances, the vehichle has shown signs of maintenance neglect by stalling or stopping. We check the status of the vehichle by measuring the lifespan of the battery, and diagnose how long until it will need to be replaced.

Electrical Issues due to Water Damage

It means: 

Owning a vehichle in Canada is much differnt from owning one anywhere else.

Harsh climate and drastic temperature changes are not easy for vehichles in our country to deal with. From Summer to Winter; every season has a precaution you need to take when owning a vehicle in Canada.

An issue we come across is interior water damage, which leads to molding and resonating odours if not dealt with immediately and professionally.

Most often this issue occurs with vehicles that have sunroofs. Often, the drainage lines from the sunroof have not been properly cleaned or maintained, which causes back ups, clogs, and flooding into the vehichle. Eventually, the moisture leaks into the interior and electrical of the vehichle, resulting in internal damages. Once this occurs, if neglected, mold will begin to form and cause an odour throughout. The smell of mold is a direct indication of a clog, as well as wet carpets, and warning lights on the dashboard.

Storage is important for the interior and extrerior of vehichles. For instance; many people take their cars to the cottage or beach and leaves or tree debris fall on them. The debris causes back ups and clogging over the summer months.

Combined with moisture and changing temperatures, this makes vehichles with sunroofs more prone to leakage. It is recommend that if you own a vehichle wioth a sunroof, you have it serviced before the winter to ensure there are no clogs or unwanted debris. If you do not properly store your car in a tempurature controlled shop or storage facility, it is also recommended to have the sunroof drainage lines cleaned again after winter.