Pumping Gasoline Instead of Diesel - serious damage

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If you’re at the gas station and you accidentally fill your diesel engine vehicle with regular gasoline, then it can cause a lot of problems for your vehicle. You see, a diesel engine does not depend on a spark plug like a gasoline engine does.

Most gas stations use different nozzles to pump gasoline or diesel into a vehicle’s gas tank. A diesel nozzle has a larger diameter than a gas nozzle.

But since a gasoline nozzle is smaller, it can fit into the filler neck of a diesel engine vehicle making it easy to put in the wrong fuel in a diesel car or truck. While accidentally putting the wrong engine oil in your vehicle is usually a minor issue, putting the wrong fuel in your vehicle can be catastrophic.

Even the slightest contamination will result in the entire system being flushed. From the gas tank being shampooed to the fuel filter being replaced.

With this Mercedes, the fuel was not allowed to get into the entire system, so we were able to clean the systems and get the vehicle back on the road quickly.