Mercedes Service

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GTEK mercedes repair.jpg

Common service issues for Mercedes

Mercedes starting problems

The engine will crank over but refuses to start. The crankshaft position sensor is the culprit here that does not send the TDC (Top Dead Center for the piston in the number one cylinder) signal to the engine. As a result, the engine does not fire despite cranking. One warning sign before it just “won’t start” is longer crank times. So, if you’ve got a Mercedes that’s taking longer and longer to start you may consider some preventative maintenance.

Gear Shifter Does not Shift from Park

It’s a problem exclusive to the Mercedes-Benz E and S class models. The engine will start and the car run, but the shifter refuses to move from the Park position. The failure of the selector module is behind this issue and the warning sign includes having difficulty in moving the gear from the Park mode.

Window Regulators

On newer vehicles, Mercedes uses plastic pulleys and spools that are powered by an electric motor - these lower and raise the electric windows of the car. However, the plastic pulleys simply wear down from age and will require replacement.

Engine & Transmission Mounts

When an engine mount begins to fail, a Mercedes can experience impact noises, excessive vibrations, and engine movement. With modern Mercedes-Benz vehicles, the engine and transmission mounts are liquid-filled, so these “symptoms” can come on slowly. Because of this, engine and transmission mounts should really be inspected regularly after seven years.